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Design Process
Working with Kennebunk Kitchens
Start by visiting our showroom, meeting our staff, and seeing examples of our work. This is a perfect time to appreciate first-hand the quality and diversity of our products. We have one of the region's most diverse and exciting selections of finishes, countertops, moldings, hardware and door samples on hand -- to excite your eye and encourage your creativity. Please make an appointment in advance if you would like to meet with a designer.

You may retain our services for a minimal fee to design your project and prepare a proposal, including drawings. This first step helps refine your creative instincts and ensures that our design meets your highest expectations.

In our first meeting, we'll explore your existing kitchen or bathroom in relation to other areas of your home. Your home's overall design, architectural details, natural lighting, color schemes, textures and physical scale will all be considered, so that we can establish a complete visual connection to your space.

For new construction, we begin with the plans for your new home. Our initial design meeting can take place at our showroom or at your home -- whichever you prefer. For renovations, we encourage you to visit our showroom first.

Once we've met and explored ideas and options, the next step is to present you with a set of preliminary designs and cost information. We'll use creative problem-solving and proven design principles to arrive at design solutions that not only excite you, but also fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Floor Plan

After you select your favorite design we'll refine it even further, in order to present you with a detailed floor plan.

Finishing Touches
Once we've worked together to create your ideal floor plan, now comes the fun part -- the finishing touches! Now you'll select interior cabinet and countertop options, fine-tune the theme of your space, pick out decorative details, and choose the perfect colors. Rest assured that we'll take all the time necessary to fully develop your unique vision.

Final Drawings
When every detail has been attended to, we'll present you with final drawings along with complete cost information for all cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, installation and remodeling services, etc.

Delivery & Installation
Kennebunk Kitchens will be there when your cabinets are delivered, to review installation details with you or your contractor and ensure your complete satisfaction.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a new and uniquely beautiful environment for you and your family.

One-Free Hour Consultation

We want to start off on the right foot and feel our first consult hour will tell us about you, your style and your vision for your home. It is important for us to develop a relationship with our clients and would encourage you to start a portfolio of your dreams.
We want to see and hear everything you desire about your kitchen, bath, office, or next home project. Call us at 207.967.2819 to schedule a design appointment today.

Design Appointments
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